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    So you want to get involved in saving this historic fort ? Well I would like to say a big thank you firstly. Without kind and dedicated people like you, the project just would not be possible.

    Your next step is to sign up to the next Induction training session. The sessions are usually run on a one to two month basis, so if you cant make one, rest assured that another will not be to far behind.

    The sessions are run in the Info Centre opposite the Fort location adjacent to the toilet block. This venue is ideal as it offers volunteers the chance to have a look around the Fort at the conclusion of the training session.

    If you are driving down to the session, please ensure you get a parking permit for the car whilst your in your training, we dont want you to have to pay out for a parking ticket etc.

    The session will cover the following subjects and is mandatory for all volunteers prior to going onto the Fort and working.

    1) Introduction to the Project and Management Team
    2) Overview of the agreement in place with the land owners
    3) Restoration Methods
    4) Health and Safety and Risk Assessment
    5) Signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between Volunteers and the Project
    6) Medical Consent form
    7) Finally a walk over onto the Fort and Look around to familiarise yourself with different parks

    Thank you once again for your commitment and dedication and I look forward to seeing you either on the training day or on a working day down on the Fort.

    Kind Regards

    Andy Orpin
    Chairman and Project Manager
    07830 192195

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